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The Bamboo Travois is designed to be a simple open-source** blueprint.  So simple that villagers all over the world can build it by just looking at a photo of it.  The dimensions of the travois, the types of wheels used, etc., all can be determined by the builder, given the type of use(s) to which the travois will be put, the resources available in the local area, etc.
**The inventor holds a U.S. patent on the travois on wheels (includes the Bamboo Travois). Outside of the United States, anyone is free to use the design. For those interested in selling or distributing the travois on wheels in the U.S., please contact Alexis Lewis (

Here are photos of the Bamboo Travois built by inventor Alexis Lewis:


Two 3-meter lengths of bamboo with a 5 cm diameter

One 1.5-meter length of bamboo with a 5 cm diameter

Rope for lashing.

Rope for the cargo net (preferably rope that does not stretch too much).

1.5-meter length of bamboo cut so there is about

   16-18 cm between end of the pole and first diaphragm

Two 15 cm lengths of 1.9 cm diameter steel rod, with

   a hole drilled in it to hold a cotter pin

Two cotter pins

Two washers with a 2 cm diameter and a

    5 cm circumference

Concrete (best to hold the bamboo vertical when pouring

    the concrete)


Two 50 cm non-pneumatic wheels with 1.9 cm precision bearings (by Marathon Industries in the United States)  [NOTE: The Bamboo Travois also could be built using bicycle wheels.]

Sheet to put over cargo net.




Sheet to use as a belt, so the travois can be towed hands-free.

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